I am Jasvin Sona Barha . Before joining or pursuing into Yoga i was completely sick person.Mentally n physically. All the Hypothyroid symptoms were prominent . For Depression i used to take medicines .. Bloating and no sweating at all. Since i pursue to yoga …beginning with Aum and cardiac warm up … This first step on the first day ..started healing me mentally …. later followed by Sun Solution ..with ease ..gave the confidence n made me strengthened. As i learned Asanas …i regained my flexibility …and the symptoms of Thyroid somewhere got suppressed or gradually started its natural medicine n started getting cure. Art of breathing has helped me so tremendously …it is like miracle. I didnot take any medicines for depression or pain killer …. Prayanaam …is the boon to life.

With folded hand i thank you to Guru ji for getting me from myself. Under Right Guidance …what is miracle to all will give the light of Knowledge. Sat Sat Pranam to Guru ji for teaching all with scientific explanations.Many Yoga Teachers teaches what they have learned unskilled yoga kriyas will produce unskilled and develop myths in trainers.

Namaste! I am jasvinder Kaur . For a long time I have been suffering from a thyroid and acute knee pain. Yoga added a novel dimension to my spirit. I have gained immensely both physically and mentally. My thyroid is under control and knee pain is virtually gone and psychologically, I have never felt more tranquil and relaxed.

I tried yoga earlier also but the way guru Ji adopts a holistic approach accommodating diet and person specific yoga is something that truly heals

Namaskar, I am M Parveen Nagpal
Living in West punjabi bagh
I was doing yoga from last 12 years.
I joined art of breathing from last 9 months.Now,I am fully satisfied.Many people who they were suffering from Bp , sugar, weakness,joint pain,etc.are feeling better.
We all members of yog class very very thankful to Guruji.