Meditation(Dhayana) is entirely different from  concentration( Ekaagrata). Concentration means applying your thoughts and mental energy to a point, thus it is often called one-pointedness of mind. Whereas, meditation means going beyond your mind.

‘Bheja Shor karta hai’ a hit song from a Bollywood movie is worth mentioning here. Our mind is constantly murmering,  talking, shouting, planning, dreaming, desiring, complaining; yes, the mind is constantly making a lot of noise. Meditation is one of the eight sutras of Yoga that calms the mind and helps you go beyond the incessant rattle the mind is producing every jiffy.

“Dhayana Aivam Chakra Vigyan Jyoti’ ,a book penned by Acharya Gopal Krishna ji, throws light on the deeper insight of meditation (Dhayana) and chakras in the human body.

Practicing OORJA breathing along with meditation is benefitting numerous followers of Yogacharya Gopal Krishna ji in attaining improved consciousness and revitalized self.




Benefits of Meditation

  • It lowers oxygen consumption, resulting in slower rate of oxidization of the cells, thus delays ageing.
  • Meditation bestows deeper relation to body, mind, and soul. A feeling of freshness and fulfillment is often felt by people who perform meditation regularly.
  • There is no greater medicine for your emotional well being than meditation. It helps lessen worry, anxiety, phobias, stress, loneliness, and at the same time boosts up self-esteem, resilience against pain and adversity, optimism, relaxation, and awareness.
  • Regular Meditation increases mental strength, focus, memory retention, cognitive skills, problem solving approach, and creative thinking.
  • At the physiological level, meditation improves immune system, energy level, longevity. It also reduces blood pressure, stress, inflammatory disorders, asthma, and heart as well as brain problems.