About us

In Gopal Krishan ji’s own words, “Human life should be transcendent and full of bliss.’

Human beings suffer from innumerable diseases, a great hindrance in living the human life to its fullest. What is the use of abundant wealth and money, if one cannot enjoy the privileges bestowed to him as a consequence of poor health? Rich is not the one who has more resources but who has excellent health – health is wealth indeed.
At an early age when Guruji was a young disciple of Yoga, he was moved to have witnessed the under-privileged going through enormous pain, sufferings, and death because of deteriorated health and having no means to avail overpriced health services. Motivated by a firm desire of making a change, he dedicated his life to learning ancient wisdom of yoga and other therapeutic therapies to help the masses have access to invaluable health benefits either free or at negligible expense.

At Anand Yogamrit trust, where thousands of disciples have experienced life-changing transformation , Guruji envisages providing cost effective alternative healing therapies to the masses who cannot afford exorbitant medical treatment. Guruji asserts that medical science deals with diseases at a superficial level only. He believes in removing the root causes of the health problems of his patients to ensure that they lead a more fulfilling, active, and rejuvenated life.

The previously mentioned alternative healing therapies on the website are his most effective tools to exterminate the origin of physical and mental health issues by restoring the natural balance of human life with the help of OORJA breathing, yogic diet, and other ancient yogic  lovesdoctrines.